Sunday, December 26, 2010

What is Bookishly Attentive?

A few years ago, my sister found herself as the go-to source for all things romance novels.  Our friends would email her for recommendations and she would glibly give out referrals to classics like "Flame and the Flower" and more recent contemporary efforts by Toni Blake, et. al.  Now, couple this with my friend Angie's idea to start a book review blog and my desire to participate in one, and was born.

Our idea of a blog was this; read the book, give a plot summation, explain whether we liked it or not and why.  In other words, if a friend asked you about that book, what would you tell them?  For the most part, that scheme has worked. We've gotten requests from authors to review their new work, which is always an honor and a thrill, and we're sent advanced reader copies to add to our review list. And we're not all historical or contemporary romance either. There are some worthy non-fictions thrown in, too. We've been at it almost three years and so far, it's worked really well for us. And for our followers, who've hit the blog almost 13,000 times.


  1. Well said, Angie!!

  2. YAY you!! Always love where there's a new book review. You know I'm voracious about new authors. :-D